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Posted By: DannyC
04-Jul-05 - 12:10 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Why is Bluegrass called Bluegrass
Subject: RE: Folklore: Why is Bluegrass called Bluegrass

They say that the inner Bluegrass region of Kentucky is supported by a dome of that porous limestone that you mention. It is said that the minerals leach into the bluegrass and makes the weanlings' bones stronger.

I have read that there are s few other places in the world where this type of limestone forms a similar dome near the surface of the earth. One of those regions is the Curragh of Kildare.

Life is slow here, so we set around and actually chat about this stuff with each other between Derbys. (My apologies to any geologists for my "they says" and "I have reads".)

Anyway, where was I -

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