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Posted By: Alan of Australia
24-Oct-97 - 02:58 AM
Thread Name: Test of ABC Format
Subject: RE: Test of ABC Format
To get a better sound from a sound card you need a WAVETABLE card. You might be able to get a daughter card to plug into your existing card. They're a bit expensive. My sound card is a Roland and the sounds for most instruments are extremely good. Roland also make daughter cards.

Wavetable means that the instuments are real instruments that have been digitally recorded. This works better for some instruments than others. e.g. piano, drums etc. sound great. Fiddle is not so good - it is a real fiddle but doesn't sound like it's being played by a real fiddler. Still it's a lot better than the FM synthesis that most cheaper sound cards give you

All sound cards are 16 bit. Cards such as AWE32 etc. are 32 CHANNELS.

I'm still working on a couple of programs, virtually finished but need more testing. There's a lot they won't do, but they will allow Mudcat users to post MIDI files in text form, and convert the result back to MIDI. The MIDI to text program also produces an ABC text of the melody so the posted text should please most users. I'll be away for the weekend but should get this finished early next week. You'll be able to download from my homepage but not yet!

The main program I use is a commercial one called Musicator Audio which does a great job of playing, printing, creating MIDI files and all the things mentioned by John. It is also a multi track digital recorder capable of recording voices & real instruments in CD quality, mixing down to stereo in real time just like a real mixing desk. Also mixes any MIDI instuments into the final product. Costs hundreds though, software prices are a ripoff in this country.