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Posted By: John (Brisbane Australia)
24-Oct-97 - 12:09 AM
Thread Name: Test of ABC Format
Subject: RE: Test of ABC Format
Hi All,

I've been playing with ABC and MIDI files for a little while. My initial aim was to pick up some tunes that I did not know, as I don't read sheet music very well.

Some observations along the way about MIDI files I have found on the Web.

- There are lots of Celtic tunes, but relatively few come from songs.

- There are lots of other tunes around from classical and popular culture. There are quite a few G&S scores for example.

- It might just be my setup (a Soundblaster 16 Bit stereo soundcard) but the volume mix on many MIDIs that I play is not very palatable/or some of the arrangements are not to my taste. And there are lots of good ones.

- There is an awful lot of shareware out there to play MIDI. I picked up one package on ZDNET called MIDIMADE which allows you very easily to adjust the volume on each MIDI track, revise instruments, change key and change speed of replay. I have tried lots of others which don't seem to do this. In particular if some part of the MIDI arrangement gets up your nose then you can mute it. The registered version allows you to save the revised MIDI files, but I have not gone that far yet. I don't recall the cost.

- I did turn up my nose at MIDI somewhat until I realised that I now have the ability to focus on in on a particular musical part, be it a harmony, bass, rhythm or percussion line and hear it properly - something that is not possible on a recording or similar.

- Basically I'm more interested in the music that went in rather than the noise that comes out but I would welcome any feedback on whether the 32 or 64 Bit boards make folk instruments such as fiddle sound any better than the crappy noise my wife complains about on my system.

Regards John