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Posted By: Big Mick
29-Jun-05 - 09:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Jackson INNOCENT
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Jackson INNOCENT
Folks just love to mix everything up in a mash and make a pronouncement as if they had the answer.

Do I think Jackson did it? Absolutely, and I believe that OJ was guilty. Were it my kid ...... no, wait, it wouldn't be my kid because I would never let them in this situation. If I were going to put Jackson in jail, it would be in a cell with the Mother of the child.

Do I think there is something wrong with our system or is this indicative of not caring about kids? No, and the latter is a ridiculous assertion which has nothing to do with the argument. This is about burden of proof, nothing more. You want to be pissed at someone? It should be the Prosecutor that got so focused on busting Jackson that he made incredibly stupid blunders. Many people get pissed at the system, instead of focusing on the idiot who knew the rules and didn't plan accordingly. As this incompetent now knows, the battle isn't won in the court of public opinion. It is won in the courtroom according to established rules of jurisprudence. He has allowed this one to get away.

To those that think that there should be special changes based on these types of cases, I pose this question. What will you do, if you weaken this system when it is your rights to a fair trial that is jeopardized? What will you do when an overzealous prosecutor of a different political persuasion, or a different set of "traditional values" than you have, comes after you?

I think sometimes that those that think Americans are intellectually shallow have some merit to their arguments. Pains me to say that.