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Posted By: JohnInKansas
29-Jun-05 - 05:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: 4% of all males are psychopaths
Subject: RE: BS: 4% of all males are psychopaths

28 Jun 05 - 07:41 AM: excellent article. I found a couple of things to disagree with, that I'll have to look into a bit. I'm not sure that my experience agrees with the "losers are more likely to cheat" bit, for example. My experience was that the guys on the "teams" - obviously(?) advantaged in the mating game - were most likely to think they "deserved success without effort" and hence did more deliberate "cheating" without feeling guilty. The ones "ill equipped for reproductive success" mostly were ill equipped to manage effective cheating. Perhaps it's just an out of context observation.

Note that "teams" can apply to the high school/college jocks, or to first level and/or middle managagement in business.


I wouldn't dismiss Rader's "glib and superficial charm." He had a responsible job, was an elected leader in his church, led a boy scout troop, and one person has stated her intention, having met him since his arrest, to write a book about him to show that "he is a fine and decent person, and a good Christian."

He probaly read William Whyte's The Organization Man about the time he started his crimes. Its peak popularity was in the 70s to early 80s. (UPenn Text has six chapters posted, but not the one on "How to Cheat on Personality Tests.")

While he had a long term marriage, he was certainly "promiscuous," since he confessed, believably, that his killings were "sexual acts."

Charming...and promiscuous.