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Posted By: GUEST
27-Jun-05 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: Cheerful Folk Songs
Subject: RE: Cheerful Folk Songs
All the best trad. songs are miserable so I've decided just to go with the flow.
My theory is that there are so many miserable songs because the people who made them tended to live a miserable, dirty, dangerous, painful hand-to-mouth existence. My suspicion is that we'll all find out about this soon enough when the oil runs out, the sea rises, the bomb drops, the super volcano goes off, the asteroid collides with us, the bird 'flu pandemic arrives, the developers build on every scrap of land so there's nothing left to grow food on etc., etc., etc. and this whole absurd house of cards comes crashing down around our ears!
Right, I'm off for my tea before any of the above happens...perhaps after tea I'll write a song...