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Posted By: annamill
21-Jun-05 - 02:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Jackson INNOCENT
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Jackson INNOCENT
I have always had this theory about MJ. Let me, first, start out by saying that I have always been a MJ fan. I've loved his music and his dancing since he was a wee one. Now, my theory..

When Michael reached puberty his voice started changing and his family were concerned that he would lose his lovely voice and they would all go by the wayside. So they had him castrated. Much like the famous Castranos" in old Italy where children were castrated to keep their voices in the beautiful choral groups. It was considered a great honor among Italian families to have a child as a member of these groups.

Now, more than anything, neither he, or his family, would want this to be known.

I feel this theory would explain a lot of his actions. He's still a kid. A Eunique(sp). San balls.

It also would explain why his voice never changed.

Love, Annamill