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Posted By: Dani
19-Jun-05 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: Best songs to get people singing?
Subject: Best songs to get people singing?
I feel like there must have been threads on this in the past, but now I can't find any of them!

Some friends and I are cooking up a singalong at what is basically a monthly street festival in our little town, though we'll be indoors with a piano. We've worked up a short list of songs (yes, we even used RUS) that might draw people in and get them going, but would love to have your thoughts on fun, easy-to-sing songs that most people know.

This is different from a living-room invitational, where people might come prepared. We'll bring lyrics to get started, but we have no idea who'll be there or what they'll know.... Scary!

And yours truly and our own Janie will be the ones to get things going: can you believe it? And I was the one who almost threw up having to sing in front of people at my first FSGW Getaway!

A funny thing is that as we worked on this we found some wonderfully funny bawdy songs and started making a "B list" for another night when kids won't be around, and what do you think happened when I searched for some lyrics to fill in a song? I landed at John Mehlberg's site, and guess who I ran into there? Many of our own fine upstanding (bawdy) musicians! I'm so proud of the company I keep ; ) I'll come back later and ask for help on this list...

... any of you guys sing the Virgin Sturgeon?