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Posted By: Marymac90
16-Dec-99 - 02:08 AM
Thread Name: the Little Red Songbook--I.W.W.
Dear Art,

Mary here again. This whole thread has really touched me. I started out interested because I have a copy of the IWW songbook, one of those extra-long, wouldn't fit in your pocket ones. I bought it in recent years, from Charlie King, I think, or maybe at the People's Music Network gathering. (The next one of those is Jan 28-30 in Queens, NYC.)

My next interest in the thread was the wanderlust one. I never hopped freights, but I did a lot of solo hitchhiking around the US between 1967 and 1981. I'd hitchhike to gatherings of social changers, folk festivals, wherever. A couple times I started a trip on a bus or train, at night, got off in the morning, and continued by thumb.

Also, I loved your interview with Paul. I was so touched by the story of his life, and his death. How ironic that someone who should have been a national treasure should die like that. I've done some study of the IWW, but he lived that history.

And overall, I loved the responses by the various mudcatters who have written for the thread. There are certainly various folkies who are not particularly leftists, just as there are leftists who aren't folkies. My favorite people are the leftish folkies, or the folkish lefties, and it is good to know there is a strong showing of them here at the mudcat.

Please keep up the good work.