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Posted By: George Papavgeris
05-Jun-05 - 04:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Jacko is innocent?
Subject: RE: BS: Jacko is innocent?
Come on Liz, having a face like Jacko's is nothing to sneeze at.
He had a great voice - probably still has.
He has been a great performer.
He made a bundle.
He should have left it at that, open a boutique or something and not go all "Howard Hughes".
If he went on stage today, he would fill a stadium - but that would be similar to the blue rinses going to Vegas to see Elvis at the end of his career. Not for what he is, but for what he was (or from sick fascination).
He should be treated like an ordinary mortal, I think we all agree on that. But we also agree that the chances are that he will not. This is an unfair world after all, and the US legal system has shown in the past that it is not immune to celebrity adoration.

I wish (against any reality, probably) that such acts as he is being accused of had not taken place. Not because I want Jacko to be proved innocent (I no longer give a monkey's for the weirdo), but only because I would like a better world than the one the prosecution depicts.