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Posted By: George Papavgeris
02-Jun-05 - 03:26 PM
Thread Name: In Memory: Stan Rogers (1949-1983)
Subject: RE: In Memory: Stan Rogers
One of the greatest contemporary songwriters in the world.
I remember watching reports of the accident on TV, years before I heard of Stan or his music, giving rise to the following:

They say you were a big man, Stan,
They say that you could shade the sun
Just standing there a solid six foot four;
And when it was your turn to sing
The windowpanes they say would ring
As your voice seemed to rise up through the floor.
If every thing about you was just half of what they say
It would have been enough to turn me green.
Yet I didn't know the treasure that was lost that summer's day
As I watched your death upon a TV screen.

Proud child of the Maritimes
The people you'd recall and times
When living could be earned with honest toil;
And passionately sang of those
Who through the centuries opposed
The forces that would raid your native soil.
Ten thousand miles away from you and twenty years too late
Your messages did reach me loud and clear;
Though little of your world I knew, your passion was so great
That I'm not ashamed to say I shed a tear.

The world you spoke of gone is now
The times have changed and still somehow
The words you wrote now even more apply.
I am not family or friend;
This song I don't know where to send.
Perhaps you'll hear if I sing to the sky.
And one thing I can promise is we never will forget
The giant with the voice that hearts could fill.
The power of your songs will always catch souls in the net
And through the songs the man is living still.

And I wish I could have met you
And I wish I'd known you well
For your songs are ringing in my ears
As clear as any bell;
But every time we reach out
In chorus or refrain,
Like the Mary Ellen Carter
In our hearts you rise again.

"I wish I could have met you" - George Papavgeris, 2003
PS Don't start about the "child of the Maritimes" bit, we had that conversation last year.