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Posted By: The Shambles
26-May-05 - 10:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
Subject: RE: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
As a matter of fact, not conjecture or opinion, I have started a thread that should have been in BS but forgot the prefix. Joe has asked if it was alright with me if he moved it down, and I appreciated it. He did not "rush" to change it, as you suggest. Your image of Joe and others is so distorted and self-serving that it makes me wonder.

Jerry all that I asking for is that everone receives the same consideration from Joe as you do - if that was the case - no one would need to have any complaint and would see our anonymous volunteers in the same light as you do. Until every poster's contribution does receive the same treatment as yours - my concern will be for those who do not receive the same treatment as you. Perhaps you could try and see the issue from those who are not as fortunate as you?

People are free to request that the category of a thread be changed. The appropriate place to ask is by personal message to Joe or Jeff, or in the Help Forum. As of this date, I have received no such request - from the thread originator, or from anyone else. Change requests posted in the thread itself are likely to be missed.
I looked at the thread when it started and decided it was a human-interest thing that could be considered either music or non-music - so I left it where it was. I just checked the thread now, and there still is very little music information in it. So, no, it won't be moved, even if somebody asks me to move it.
-Joe Offer-

Joe -
The point about the 'Piano man' thread was that it was posted to a music site in the chance that those interested in music may be able to help indentify and help the individual involved. If it were moved to the music-related section (where it quite obviously rightly belongs) - there is more chance that this help may be forthcoming.

It would certainly be a shame if your personal judgement - imposed in the face of the originator's request for their own contribution - resulted in this poor soul's period of misery being made longer than it needed to be.... Perhaps you can reconsider?