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Posted By: The Shambles
24-May-05 - 02:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: Please close this thread.
Subject: RE: BS: Please close this thread.
No - you stated the first half of it, and not the second half, which does not make sense. the trouble is you did state that a contributor does not own their contribution, and then you said they do need to be asked.

It is NOT MY view that a contributor does not own their own contributions. It is the justification given by those of us who feel qualified to and for some reason wish to impose their personal judgement upon the contributions of their fellow posters. This is what I said.

As has been pointed out by our volunteers - the thread does not belong to the originator - but to the community.

A single contributor may have ownership of their post but even if they are the originator - they do not own the thread - but their wishes should be respected and their pemission sought before any changes are imposed by our volunteers.

Jenny - You may not expect to ask someone's permission to park next to them - but you may be a bit peeved if having parked it - the car-park attendent or traffic warden decided to drive off with your car and have it re-sprayed - to the colour of their choice?

Anyway, you want this to be all about the volunteers wanting to impose their will on members of the forum. That is not what has happened here. The originator of the thread was the one who did the asking. The volunteers only did what he wanted them to do, and rightly so in my opinion.

As I have pointed-out - our volunteers do only what they wish to as a matter now of routine and only take any notice of requests from posters - if what is being requested is what our volunteers wish to do.

What I want is for the shaping of our forum by all this imposed and arbitrary personal judgement of the contributions of fellow posters - to stop. Or if it is to continue that an open, fair and consistent approach be adopted - one that has a very clear objective.