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Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Oldies but goodies:

William Rivers Pitt, t r u t h o u t: "The case for war against Iraq has not been made. This is a fact. It is doubtful in the extreme that Saddam Hussein has retained any functional aspect of the chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons programs so thoroughly dismantled by the United Nations weapons inspectors who worked tirelessly in Iraq for seven years. This is also a fact."

It Was the Lying, Right? Clinton, Bush and Impeachment

DAVE LINDORFF, CounterPunch: "Where is the public outcry demanding that he be called to account for his shameless and bloody deception of the American public and the Congress?"

Short: Blair lied to cabinet and made secret war pact with US

The Guardian, Nicholas Watt and Michael White in Evian: "As an increasingly exasperated prime minister once again swept aside calls for a public inquiry into the failure to uncover banned Iraqi weapons, the former international development secretary accused Mr Blair of bypassing the cabinet to agree a "secret" pact with George Bush to go to war."

Revise and Conquer - Bush Family Whitewashing in Iraq and Nazi Germany

CHRIS FLOYD, CounterPunch: "This might seem a rather bizarre question at first glance--but then, Bush has a personal stake in the cultivation of historical amnesia. His own family fortune was built in part by a long and profitable collusion with the Nazis--an ugly story oft told here, and raked up again by Newsweek Poland during the presidential visit."

Standard Operating Procedure

Paul Krugman, The New York Times: "Am I exaggerating? Even as George Bush stunned reporters by declaring that we have "found the weapons of mass destruction," the Republican National Committee declared that the latest tax cut benefits "everyone who pays taxes." That is simply a lie. You've heard about those eight million children denied any tax break by a last-minute switcheroo."

Intelligence Officers Challenge Bush

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, "Your opposition to inviting UN inspectors into Iraq feeds the suspicion that you wish to avoid independent verification; some even suggest that your administration wishes to preserve the option of ``planting'' such weapons to be ``discovered'' later. Sen. Carl Levin recently warned that, if some are found ``Many people around the world will think we planted those weapons, unless the UN inspectors are there with us.''

        Ex-U.N. weapons: Bush lied to the nation
Matt Manochio, Daily Record: Ritter, a former Marine, also said during his speech that Bush should be impeached if it is proven that he misled America. "This is a high crime. This is a misdemeanor. This is an impeachable offense" if he lied, said Ritter, who was applauded whenever he criticized the president.
Why the Lies About WMD Matter - A Crime Against American Values

RAY CLOSE, former CIA analyst, CounterPunch: "The Bush Administration declared that it had irrefutable, ironclad proof that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction that posed an imminent threat to the safety and security of the United States, and this claim was used as the justification for launching a preemptive war."

Bush's Alderaan

Robert Parry, THE CONSORTIUM: "As he marched the nation to war, Bush presented himself as a Christian man of peace who saw war only as a last resort. But in a remarkable though little noted disclosure, Time magazine reported that in March 2002 a full year before the invasion Bush outlined his real thinking to three U.S. senators, 'Fuck Saddam,' Bush said. 'We're taking him out.'"

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