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Posted By: GUEST,McGrath of Harlow
21-May-05 - 07:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Galloway tears them to shreds
Subject: RE: BS: Galloway tears them to shreds
I suppose since the commmittee had already published their "report" without bothering to contact George Galloway, and only two members turned up to see him, they might argue that technically it wasn't a quorate session, and therefore the report of it didn't merit inclusion in the offical record. Regardless of which I suspect that this particular session will be the only one people will ever remember or quote.

Here is what the Financial Times website had to report on press reaction in the UK:

Gallows humour

George Galloway, the maverick independent British MP, has turned from villain to hero overnight in his home country's riotous press after his savaging of US senators.

"Gorgeous" George was once pilloried for his combination of champagne lifestyle and hard-left political views, and his association with Saddam Hussein.

But the Brits love an underdog, and his savaging of lawmakers who accused him of profiting from the UN's oil-for-food programme has catapulted him up the popularity charts.

"George Spanks Yanks" shrieked the Daily Record, the popular paper of choice in Galloway's native Scotland. The Daily Mirror compared him to a Daniel who went into the den and ended up mauling the lion.

Even the staunchly rightwing Daily Telegraph, which had to pay him libel damages after accusing him of treason, glowed about his fighting performance.

Rupert Murdoch's Sun said the senators "failed to land a single blow" and its New York sister paper, the Post, proclaimed: "Brit fries senators in oil".