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Posted By: The Shambles
21-May-05 - 02:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Jacko is innocent?
Subject: RE: BS: Jacko is innocent?
The trial would lead you to think that the (real) children involved are guilty. But of course they do not have the money - only that which Michael Jackson gave them.

Dunno if he's innocent or not - but I do think he's messed up. I think it's quite likely that if he is guilty - then he didn't understand clearly the effects of what he was doing.

The victim of this trial (whatever its outcome) is not Michael Jackson. The victims are still those young boys (9 or 10 years +) who have to all the rest of their lives (in the public eye) - with what has happened to them or what people will now assume happened to them.

Hopefully there will never be any more young victims to our society's double standards to be "messed-up" by the many adults who claim not to understand the affects of their actions. Young victims who grow-up to simply repeat the same callous and irresponsible acts upon other young victims and excuse them in turn.

That is possible too much to expect but perhaps Michael Jackson anyway will not be creating (or allowed to create by his wealth) any more young victims.