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Posted By: GUEST,Jacinto in San Antonio
20-May-05 - 11:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Jacko is innocent?
Subject: RE: BS: Jacko is innocent?
There is the thing of CONTEXT. Superficially, Jacko the Wacko is no wierder than you or me. How "normal" would YOU act with fanatical stage-parents, 1 trillion bucks in the bank, fear of the adoring mob trying to rip your skin off, gangstas always trying to shake you down, and ownership of the Beatles songs? Someone with no job and a lot of time to kill can sleep when ever. where ever he/she/it wants to. I sense a puritanical, anti touchy-feely sentiment from my male anglo friends when I smother-kiss my darling little six year old girl or my 26 year old son (formerly of a band called "Soda Pop Fuck You"- the best ska-punk band from Santa Cruz) My mexican bretheran (is that how it's spelled?) tend to shy away from their maturing daughters at a time when they most need love and acceptance. My chinese friends make you cold, stuffy brits look like passionate italians! I hear these "obvious" reasons why Mike is guilty from anti-touch sickos who want to burn Mike-o the phycho at the more-moral-than-thou stake. Doesn't anyone see that the "victim" parents are playing to the lowest common denominator so they can get a million bucks and be "REAL AMERICANS" who don't work for a living and find ways to live off some one else?