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Posted By: RobbieWilson
20-May-05 - 05:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Galloway tears them to shreds
Subject: RE: BS: Galloway tears them to shreds
Still at least there is no chance of anyone pulling the wool over your eyes, eh mindblaster, the blinkers would get in the way. Keep yoooooour eye on the ball; the crime here is an illegal invasion of a country against the will of the United Nations, leading to the death of over 100,000 people. The coniving is the constant spread of lies and misinformation and the exertion of extreme political pressure to make members of parliament toe the line and vote for war against the clearly expressed wishes of their constituents and the wool pulling is carried out by those who told us we were going to war for our own protection; because Saddam had nuclear weapons he could launch in 45 minutes, because he was behind the 9/11 bombings. The same people who tell us that opponents of the war are in the pocket of Saddam and when this is proved a lie in court go behind the imunity of the senate and bring out the same lies again.

As for your other intended insults; I don't suppose Galloway minds being labelled clever or Scottish, presumably you are neither of these yourself.