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Posted By: open mike
20-May-05 - 04:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Gardening: What are you harvesting?
Subject: RE: BS: Gardening: What are you harvesting?
peonies and iris are booming and blooming
asparagus is gone
i planted acouple of root crop plants today:
sweet potatoe
(which sprouted last winter under the sink &
was in a flower pot indoors til now) and
bolinian sun root -- sanchifolia-- which i
think is asputh american cousin to jerusalem
artichokes--sunflower family.

harvested some oregano, and comfrey to dry.

what's this about basil oil??

fava beans are flowering
as is the calla lillies and pansies, violas and johnny jump ups

and ther eis a great crop of weeds...
i have pulled and pulled and pulled
and mowed and kused the weed eater.
i think my hands are permanently
stained. i try to wear gloves, but
can't get the right grip with my
hands covered like that....

there are small green cherries...
and it looks like there will be
plaenty red ones if i can beat the
birds to to hand some
c.d.'s in teh tree to scare them off!