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Posted By: Bobert
19-May-05 - 06:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Gardening: What are you harvesting?
Subject: RE: BS: Gardening: What are you harvesting?
SRS, an others,

Sniff... I'm going to have to forgo a veggie garden this year because of the move down to Luray, Va.

But, the P-Vine and I have now taken 8 trailer (10 foot covered trailer) loads of our gardens down to the new place... I've lost count but its in the 200 plant range... We still have about another 100 including the last ones to go which will take 6 men and a boy to dig out and load...

We've moved about 50 different ferns, another 30 different hostas, another 20 evergreen and dicidiuos azaleas, though we have over 100 babies that we've been nursing all winter from cutting. We've move several criptomeria, a dozen rhodos, various grasses and ground covers, pulminerias, all of our wild flowers. Welll, not all of them since all we need in some of them are enough to get us started... But all the trillium, some blood root, some tooth wart, twin leaf, shooting star, trout lillie, marsh lillie, jack-in-the-pulpet, May apple, wild geranium, larkspur, etc. etc....

I'm also scouring the woods looking fir seedling from my two Japanese maples.... They are too big to move but I think there are half a dozen abbies to take...

The biggies will be some of our specimen evergreeens, including the unbrella pine which is 8 feet tall, a Oregon Green Pinas, a large criptomeria crestada, a 10 foot magnolia, and miscellanious stuff to big fir big pots....

Anyone wanta volunteer to come hang in Luray and help with all the replantin'???