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Posted By: Alba
18-May-05 - 08:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: Galloway tears them to shreds
Subject: RE: BS: Galloway tears them to shreds
No Greg they don't.
As to "among Democrats" well GG didn't exactly make statements that were favourable to the republican agenda!
It's hard to swallow (for some Republicans) being told the things that GG said, even in soundbyte form, as reported in the press.
In fact I was suprised myself that it got so little coverage last night by what is constantly called the "Liberal Media" here...!! no that's not true...I wasn't surprised at all.

This kind of no messing, tell it how you really see it....shooting from the lip, what I would be inclined to describe as Glasgow style delivery hasn't been around really in American Politics, (if ever?) its subtler here..kind of....I don't know quite how to describe it...and that style is from both sides not just republicans or democrats... it appears thatneither want to be quoted too much without a lot of thinking before the shoot a remark. They care that the media will be all over like a rash...kind of like not wanting to shit on your own doorstep. GG was a long way from his front door.

The Scottish approach to the English Language (I make this remark respectfully, it is an accent issue) when used with Force can indeed make some sit up and take notice....I was grateful that GG didn't slip a few F*** off's in if he had addressed them in pure Glaswegian...oh dear...

Personally I thought GG made a good number of points about issues that really no one has wanted to say out loud or if they did the public didn't get to hear it.
It was a, if a tad theatrical, direct and no holds barred attack against two of the few that has accussed GG of wrongdoing.
Perhaps the others knew what would happen when you bring a Politician from another Country into your political arena and stayed away in anticipation of that.

Did GG profit from the Oil for Food programme??
I don't know...that remains to be seen.
I can say this....IF and I repeat IF he did, he may be one name on a list of many who did....
As to GG creating a smokescreen, well there is a lot of that about in Politics right now.
Let me just say the words "Newsweek magazine Article" now there's a smokescreen if I ever saw one...but a smokescreen doesn't make for good can see right through it.
As for George Galloway's remarks...I liked it, it had balls....but then I could be being a wee bit bias there masel...:>)