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Posted By: GUEST,Spaw
18-May-05 - 06:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: Katlaughing- Surgery Tomorrow and....
Subject: RE: BS: Katlaughing- Surgery Tomorrow and....
Well look at this!   Paul G!!! Been awhile Man but so good to see you especially on this thread!

I talked briefly with kat yesterday afternoon and all was still on schedule for her release today. Let's keep up the help that you have all been during this so far. Still not a lot sounding good in food to her so maybe if you have any suggestions, especially veggie related??? Maybe we ought to start a thread? Hmmmmm.......I'll think about that.

Anyway, she's doing pretty well overall and now it's more a matter of time along with exercise and nutrition. And frustration. Not often mentioned is the frustration. You've gone through the pain parts and now you feel like you deserve to feel good......NOW!!! Even those who recover quickly want more and faster. The frustration leads to depression and nobody needs that. Being home helps but at times becasue you're still not upto par, thjat can be equally frustrating. Plus I used to feel so guilty about what I was putting Karen through in all of those different surgeries.........geeziz.......Thing was that when I told her that she looked at me as if I were nuts......simpleass woman said she just wanted me alive!