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Posted By: GUEST
18-May-05 - 06:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Galloway tears them to shreds
Subject: RE: BS: Galloway tears them to shreds
Giok, you are unbelieveble. I had to check the date of your post but sure enough May 10 , 5 days after his constituents elected him on a platform of standing up to the liars who took us to war.

It wasn't up to Galloway to make any case; he was being slandered from behind the shield of legal imunity by people who state "evidence" which supports the US goverment as fact, despite the fact that it is not backed up by any actual traces of money and that it is supposedly obtained from a prisoner under secret interogation and with no legal scrutiny whatsoever. Yet have the temerity to write off the testimony of someone who appears in person, open to challenge and having been the subject of sustained investigation for years as not credible.