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Posted By: GUEST,AMos
17-May-05 - 11:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Liberal Media getting Soldiers Killed...
Subject: RE: BS: Liberal Media getting Soldiers Killed...

You are talking BS again. All I did was point out that YOUR goddamned assessment in the inflammatory title of this thread, which you started, is not the opinion of the Joint CHiefs of Staff.

This was a false picture, which you promulgated and forwarded in order to inflame people by feeding them untruth.

The fact according to a brief I have read recently, is that American guards at Guantanomo ARE accused by their prisoners of acts of gross disrespect to the Qu'uran, although these charges are not supported by any verification. But you are msising the whole point.

1. If American guards are in fact blaspheming the Qu'u'ran, they have less brains than their commander-in-chief about how cultural forces work. They deserve, if this is true, to be exposed.

Newsweek -- if they reported a reliable story -- should be commended for airing the truth. Or do you think our forces should be free to commit these offenses at will?

2. If the story was NOT correct, in spite of the supplementary testimony, then they did the right thing by withdrawing it. But in neither case did your headline title reflect the truth of the matter. The story by itself did not cause any deaths and the Joint Chiefs, who tend to be far more realistic than their C-in-C, were right about it. In short, the way you named this thread is an intentional distortion. You're just ragging, Hub, and you have no more respect for true causes than the journals you despise.