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Posted By: artbrooks
17-May-05 - 03:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Liberal Media getting Soldiers Killed...
Subject: RE: BS: Liberal Media getting Soldiers Killed...
Susu's Hubby: Amos has defined the word "liberal" for you. His definition is correct. It is unfortunate that some people have decided to lump together all of the things they hate and attempt to redefine a perfectly good word to cover all of them. There are very few people who meet each of the criteria in this redefinition, but those who choose to pervert the language seem to believe that anyone who fits one must fit them all. The reality is that "liberal" means a person who thinks for himself and respects the rights of others to do the same. It isn't unusual for an individual "liberal" to own guns and abhore the death penalty, or to advocate some degree of gun control and, under some circumstances, favor the death penalty. Other "liberals" favor both affirmative action and immigration control, while others are both practicing Christians and understand the need for birth control and abortion.