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Posted By: John Hardly
17-May-05 - 10:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Liberal Media getting Soldiers Killed...
Subject: RE: BS: Liberal Media getting Soldiers Killed...
Not worse, Mick. The same as. And the point is that it should be equally unacceptable but is not. Instead, it is rationalized as "might be true anyway". Rather than being equally outraged at the damage Newsweek's careless "journalism" incited, the anger is instead turned toward someone who dares call Newsweek on it. Instead Newsweek is defended because it's no worse than...(fill in the right-wing blank).

I strike you as a bigot, eh?

Amos' convenient redefinition of "liberal" doesn't change the poliical reality of which sid is which. It is Amos' (and others who would likewise obfuscate -- {much as I love amos}) who has entered the false premise into the discussion.

SH's POV view does not automatically qualify him as an intellectual lightweight not a bigot.

Here, robo, is a discussion re: liberal/conservative from the distant past.