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Posted By: Willie-O
16-May-05 - 09:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Liberal Media getting Soldiers Killed...
Subject: RE: BS: Liberal Media getting Soldiers Killed...
I'm sick of stupid assholes like "Susu's hubby". Why the fuck aren't you in Iraq getting shot at like all the poor ignorant kids from your small towns who got sucked into your fucking killing machine by your lying government swine whom you no doubt voted for, you shithead?

Fuck blaming the media. It's assholes like you who vote for assholes like Bush and his band of ghouls and then whine about the "liberal media" when a snippet of what is probably true comes out to bite you in the ass. You deserve it.

In case you haven't noticed, real people, NOT including U.S. soldiers, have already been killed in the flap from this. But we already know you don't care about them.

Oh did I cross the line? Too fucking bad. Blow me.