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Posted By: Vixen
16-May-05 - 02:18 PM
Thread Name: Middlewich 2005
Subject: RE: Middlewich 2005
Joey raises a good point, about how mudcats might meet up...

Locally, a number of us "check in" with Sandy and Caroline, who have their Folk-Legacy booth set up at most of the festivals. We tend to wear mudcat pins and/or t-shirts. We hang out with mudcats we know already, who know other mudcats, who in turn know other mudcats, ad harmonium. FSGW's Getaway has so many mudcats in attendance that it has had a mudcat jam session, an idea that might have some appeal as a "fringe" event.

I have little doubt that Reynaud and I will be able to meet mudcats in Middlewich! We'll be looking for 'em!

(and I've made a note of the boat names posted so far, so if I see one of you on the canals, I can say "hey!")