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Posted By: catspaw49
16-May-05 - 01:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Katlaughing- Surgery Tomorrow and....
Subject: RE: BS: Katlaughing- Surgery Tomorrow and....


Just got off the phome with kat who had just seen her Docs and she is much stronger today and feeling better overall. They boosted he O2 level and that helped. They figure they can ween her from daytime oxygen in perhaps a month or so and that will be pretty wonderful for someone who has used it for so long.

When I called she was in the middle of a doctor visit and said to call back in about 15 minutes.   I did and again we had a pretty long talk before she said she was wearing out. I was really impressed with how long it took her to wear out this time and how much better her spirits are in general. She also sounds much better about being willing to push herself and THAT is the best news of the day. Kat was so focused on this operation and even her Docs have said how well focused she was. Believe me, it is sooooo easy to get discouraged and expect too much too soon. I think our girl has it back on track now and has quit fighting the elephant.

Rog and Rue.....I have tried to get in touch with you guys several times but I'm not sure I'm using the right numbers. My addy book is always screwed up and I constantly call kat getting numbers and addresses.......I am pathetic! In any case if you want to talk or touch base, call me anytime (I almost never sleep) or PM me the number(s) where I can reach you. I figure the two of you are worn out as well so I hope you're taking some time for yourselves.