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Posted By: Azizi
12-May-05 - 07:56 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Monkey Wash, Donkey Rinse
Subject: RE: Origins: Monkey Wash, Donkey Rinse

When I first read this "Monky wash, donkey rinse", I thought of this floating verse found in the Caribbean folk song 'Tingalayo' and also found in some African American secular slave songs:
"My donkey walk
My donkey talk
My donkey eat with a
knive and fork"

But I after reading the links that Brucie provided I see that the 'donkey walk/talk' verse and others like it have nothing to do with this "Monkey wash, donkey rinse" phrase.

Thanks for providing those links Brucie. The first link has some interesting information about the dance of Lord Shiva. But after reading it I'm not sure what the connection between the Lord Shiva dnace and this phrase is..

The second link provided information about the phrase itself, which if I understood it correctly, in India refers to a sexual act between those two animals. I assume that "monkey wash, donkey rinse" may also has a more spiritual meaning based on that cultures' symbolism of 'monkey' and 'donkey'. But that is just an assumption...

Does the first and second link connect with each other as the sexual act symbolizes the dance of life?

And what prompted this thread itself? Is that phrase "monkey wash, donkey rinse" included in a contemporary song? If so, which song and which genre?

And is there a link to the words of that song?