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Posted By: The Shambles
27-Apr-05 - 09:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
Subject: RE: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
Roger's concerns are legitimate - but it's just a matter of choice. The general tip of the scale is that Mudcat is a reader-oriented forum that assists readers in finding information - but still does its best to respect and encourage the free expression of the people who post here.

If as you say - things are a matter of choice when they are - will it always be a matter of your personal choice being imposed?

Joe whether you or anyone else judges that my concerns are legitimate or illegitimate - they will remain my concerns and be perfectly legitimate to me or any other poster to express. Will it remain the case that Mudcatters have the choice to read my concerns - or not?

For as long as they are moderately expressed - they will find a place somewhere on our Public Discussion Forum - whatever your judgement of their poster's worth may be. So perhaps you could set the example of NOT passing judgement on the worth or right of a poster to post - but confine yourself to either responding to or ignoring what the poster actually says? As I will now.

You could perhaps argue that public libraries are for the reader. But you would also have to equally accept that without the writer - there would be nothing for the reader to read or information for them to find.

However, any library that showed so little respect to its authors by considering that its employees could - as they wished - re-name the authors works - in the name of 'indexing' and this took priority - would soon find its supply of books and information drying-up.

Perhaps anonymous volunteers imposing these changes to thread titles as a matter of routine - without the poster's knowledge or agreement - will now stop on our forum? For I am sure that if the required change is in the best interests of our forum I am sure that permission to change it will be granted. I am sure you will agree that it would show the correct respect to the poster to always be asked first (where this is possible)?

Max has stated that he sees his role as only to facilitate. Joe our forum serves many roles - do you now see your role on our forum as to rule on which role will take priority? For in this case are both considerations equally valid and is it not just a matter of personal taste and one for the community to decide?

It is at the heart of my (legitimate) concerns that our forum be shaped only by its contributions and the personal tastes of ALL its contributors.