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Posted By: John P
27-Apr-05 - 10:13 AM
Thread Name: Folk artists who are vegan
Subject: RE: Folk artists who are vegan
Why do vegetarians always think their dietry habits are of consequence to other people or relavent to folk music ?

I can't berate you for your beliefs, but why do you have to rant about them in public.
The title of this thread is ' Folk artists who are vegans ' what the feck has that got do with ANYTHING ?

Click the back button on your browser now. Problem solved.

No one in this discussion has said anything about their dietary habits being relavent to anything other than themselves. No one has said they have any particular relavence to folk music, either. It has about as much relavence to folk music as lots of other discussions around here. People like to find similarities betweeen themselves. So what?

Why is it that every time there's a discussion about vegetarianism anywhere, some rude git comes along and tells us we're preaching at them and ranting about it in public? Get a clue, idiot. This isn't in public. This was a clearly labeled thread that you had no need to open and read. The only reason you did so was so you could rudely accuse other people of being rude. Go away and stop ranting at us about our choices.

John Peekstok