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Posted By: RobbieWilson
27-Apr-05 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: Folk artists who are vegan
Subject: RE: Folk artists who are vegan
Why do vegetarians always think their dietry habits are of consequence to other people or relavent to folk music ?

Having been veggie for 27 years now it has been my experience of discussions on diet that all the heat comes from people deriding my choice and running down veggies in general. If you ask me why I will tell you , other than that I just get on with my life.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am no skinny waif. I eat more and more varied than most people I know and considering my lifestyle I am not doing too bad for 48.

As for meat eaters expressing concern about what will happen to the poor cows, chicken and sheep if we dont eat them well; a) most of them would not be created in the first place as they are products of artificial insemination and intensive breeding, b) half of them are, depending on their gender disposed of immediately as they are not what is commercially required on their particular type of far, c) our hills and moors were never the natural environment for these creatures but are in fact artificial landscapes produced for and by their grazing. If you are going to express concern for animal weelfare and tell me what you are doing about it yourself then fair enough, if you are going to berate me because there is more I could do, but you are doing nothing then piss off.