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Posted By: Frankham
26-Apr-05 - 06:38 PM
Thread Name: Folk artists who are vegan
Subject: RE: Folk artists who are vegan
Sapper, I believe that by in large, vegans are tolerant of others because they have for the most part been where others have. There will always be isolated individuals who are angry or have an axe to grind but they are in the minority in of vegans in general.

Using a manner of eating to fly some kind of banner to convince others is silly and useless.

As to the issue of what is natural, I advocate that very little that we do as
a human species is natural. There is certainly nothing natural about consuming fast food products that are unhealthy. As to meat eating, the jury is out on whether this is natural or not. It's a judgement call at this point. It depends on whom you choose to believe. The "facts" available are contradictory.

The vegans that I know are healthy, some rubustly so, into physical exercise and rather calm and peaceful people. They are not interested in pushing their lifestyle onto anyone else because they don't need to.


Subject: RE: Folk artists who are vegan
From: sapper82 - PM
Date: 25 Apr 05 - 03:59 AM

Vegans tollerent of others?? If you are on AOL try looking up the postings of "Reawales" from the time of the F&M crisis. She is a self professed vegan and also appears to be VERY heavily involved in Animal Rights terrorism.
Vegetarianism is un-natural enough but veganism????