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Posted By: shepherdlass
26-Apr-05 - 05:58 PM
Thread Name: Folk artists who are vegan
Subject: RE: Folk artists who are vegan
Good point, Bill Kennedy.

Mandoleer - cats are obligate carnivores. Humans are not: as omnivores we can make a choice based on principle. I've fallen off the veggie wagon before because someone persuaded me it was unnatural and unhealthy to avoid meat - it took a couple of months of life as an unwilling carnivore to realize the obvious fact that any health problems were not related to this. All those healthy vegans (and there are loads out there) prove it can be a natural lifestyle.

And the sheep wouldn't stop breeding because some farmer didn't kill them or shear them for profit. They'd just live natural lives like they would have done before we evolved and screwed things up for them.

Why does this relate to folk music? It's about life and it's about principles - things that crop up in folk songs quite a bit.