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Posted By: InOBU
09-Dec-99 - 01:55 PM
Thread Name: the Little Red Songbook--I.W.W.
Ive got a bunch, of cource, there is one I have, that is real rare. I helped stop it from being produced by the Womans Press COllective, that turned out to be a stalinst front, not our dear old Union, I was sent over by the local to see what was up and help with the run, and found it was this fellow, Oh I am blanking on his name, died a few years ago, and his brainwashed followers where busted about two years ago for stock piling weapons in a few houses in Brooklyn. His name was a spanish name, and I cant believe I cant think of it, had a limp that he had twenty different storries for how he got it... If I remember his name Ill post it. We got suspicious when, before I could work on the shop floor, a comizar gave me a political pep talk, and when a worker in a supposed IWW shop asked me what the union was, and I began to tell her, the comizar jumped on me and said I was not allowed to talk politics on the shop floor. I called a halt to the work and told him in my loudest UNION MAN voice, that any shop that did not allow union talk was inviolation of labor law and was no IWW shop in the first place. Turned out not to be. It was an alice in wonderland event, but I totally enjoyed it.
Now is the point in the story when we get out our little red books and have a rousing rendition of Mr. Block Yours in the OBU Larry