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Posted By: alanabit
26-Apr-05 - 02:30 AM
Thread Name: Folk artists who are vegan
Subject: RE: Folk artists who are vegan
Dear Sir John, I feel you are being too modest. I am sure that no woman was ever depressed after being shagged by you.
The Old Testament is a pretty dodgy source either in defence of the vegetarian argument or the meat eater argument. There are certain verses which require vegetarian diet, then chapters later, you get a detailed description of which animal is to be eaten at which festival. If it was indeed written by God, he seems to have found it hard work making his mind up in those days!
Anorexia is indeed a problem which affects some pepople. However, it ranks somewhat lower in the scale of statistical danger than the many fold dangers of being overweight. Along with all the well known problems of heart and artery damage, the additional pressure on the other internal organs (liver, kiddneys etc) - let alone the joints, does not do them an awful lot of good.
On one occasion, when I timidly mentioned my veggie diet to my doctor, he laughingly reached for a large tome. "This is the latest study on the relation of diet to arthritis, rheumatism and serious illness (cancer etc). Vegetarians came out better every time".
Meat and fish can be good sources of iron and protein, but they are not the only ones.
I should also add that I am not unduly worried that one or two slaughtermen might lose their jobs. Other professions which suffered jobs losses as society changed included hangmen and press gangs.