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Posted By: Art Thieme
09-Dec-99 - 10:46 AM
Thread Name: the Little Red Songbook--I.W.W.

The Industrial Workers Of The World has put out it's famous little red songbook since 1909.

I have (hesitate to say own) 2 of them---the May 1st, 1973 edition (.40) and the April 1968 edition (the 32nd ed.---also .40)

I used to have a much older one but, as you probably know, they were made to be stuffed easily into a back pocket. That's exactly how the songs were spread around. It disappeared long ago...

I wonder who out there might have the largest collection of the books from different eras and editions. What songs might've been added to reflect the struggles of more recent times???
The 1973 edition has a new price of .75 inserted with a stapm pad. Bruce U. Utah Phillips' fine song "Larrimer STREET" is here as is Woody Guthrie's "UNION MAID" making it's first appearance with a NEW VERSE by Nancy Katz:

A woman's struggle is hard,
Even with a union card,
She's got to stand on her own two feet,
And not be a servant of the male elite,
It's time to take a stand,
Keep working hand in hand,
There is a job that's got to be done
And a fight that's got to be won.

Art Thieme_________________________________________

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