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Posted By: open mike
26-Apr-05 - 01:37 AM
Thread Name: Folk artists who are vegan
Subject: RE: Folk artists who are vegan
i am vegetarian
except for fish and sea food.
no poultry, red meat, mammals.
I eat things with fins and scales
but not with fur and feathers.
I am an ovo-lacto
meaning i will eat eggs and dairy
i wonder if there are those who
wil not eat yeast because of those
little anumalcules, the yeasty beasties.
would this mean beer and wine are also out?
and what about those little critters that
make yogurt? acidophilus? is that bacteria?
are they living creatures?
some vegetarians will eat placenta, as it
is the only meat where something does not
have to die to get it.