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Posted By: GUEST,Veteran Member
24-Apr-05 - 05:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
Subject: RE: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
This thread is getting a bit like Little Hawk's process for making "Shatner" into a Mudcat icon-- LH deliberately repeated the name/concept frequently enough that it would become part of Mudcat reality that Wiliam Shatner IS an icon. He says himelf that he set out to do just that. And it worked.

Now it's Shambles, attempting to construct a negative icon. See him including references in nearly every post now that what Joe does when he edits is "impose his personal taste."

I don't think Joe actually does that.... instead, as an editor should, he does a pretty good job of reflecting the broad diversity of Mudcat when he consolidates and retitles things.

That's exactly what an editor is supposed to do. Anyone who does that job in any setting carries that responsibility. They are entrusted with that responsibility because they will be loyal NOT to their personal tastes and opinions, but to the task they have been given and the tastes of the material's market.

I think Shambles actually has hurt feelings over a very few editing actions and editor's insertions that had to do with his own posts, and that he's using the hurt as a basis for slanting his evaluation of ALL Joe does. He's not honest enough to say he felt hurt, and launches a censorship battle instead. To equate hurt feelings and "the sky is falling" over "lost freedom" is really not fair play.