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Posted By: GUEST
21-Apr-05 - 06:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
Subject: RE: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
Joe....As a friend......I know what you are trying to do and I certainly understand the frustration tinged with hope that you feel when trying to discuss anything with Shambles. You just know you'll get through somehow, but it never happens. Roger takes every item, breaks it into 37 pieces, throws 22 pieces away, rephrases the rest, and then puts it back together upside down and sideways until it can fit into his world. This is a lot like trying to teach an aardvark table manners........very cool if you could do it, but a complete waste of time because it just won't happen. No one knows why the aardvark can't learn manners even after the best efforts by everyone to show him. Perhaps he's stupid or perhaps he just can't deal with his paws which lack opposable thumbs. At the end of the day the aardvark doesn't care but you are a basket case and the fault of that belongs to you. Why in the hell are you trying to teach an aardvark table manners?

Look Joe, I've been trying to say this over and over, but as a mod anywhere else, you are already giving WAY too many explanations. Stop. Do what you have to do and skip the comments. Most people won't notice and most won't care. To any but the most pigheaded, it's obvious that this place is looser than Grannie's bloomers as far as moderation or censorship goes. Most forums would never tolerate a thread like this one. Most would have zapped Shambles long ago. I'm glad we haven't and that The 'Cat is as loose as it is but everything has a limit somewhere and one thing is certain...this thread and this non-discussion discussion has gone on far too long.


It reached the point long ago where it's obvious that Roger will accept no explanation that doesn't fit in Roger's World and the more you try the more he drags up the same things over and over. He himself has refused to answer the basic questions asked of him by myself and other members, such as "What did Max tell you?" Or, "Have you ever discussed this with Max and if so when?"   After all Joe, Max is the only one he would have to listen to and you and I both know that he won't do that either. So let him be the usual Ramblin' Shambles and write his tripe to his heart's content. You are beginning to look foolish for even trying to answer his imagined concerns. Fuck him. Well, don't go that far literally, but it's time to end this now!

If you feel you must have a windmill, I suggest the aardvark and table manners. Your odds are better.