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Posted By: Bill D
19-Apr-05 - 04:38 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Radio Making a Comeback?
Subject: RE: Mudcat Radio Making a Comeback?
openmike...ICQ 'caused' a crash? Causation is tricky in these cases... hard to really pin blame. (and yep, there was/is an 'organized' system in the room, though I'm not sure about polite.....I remember WAY back in HearMe days, before Paltalk, when the moderator made an effort to invite participation from shy types. The few times (3?) I tried PalTalk, it was sorta every man for himself, and devil take the hindmost. If that was only my skewed perception, I apologize.

Clinton, surely you of all people oughta know you don't actually have to use RealPlayer! RealAlternative or JetAudio will do just as well.

oh, yes, Noreen, we were a gaudy lot!