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Posted By: Peace
17-Apr-05 - 05:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: 10,000 arrested in US today
Subject: RE: BS: 10,000 arrested in US today
I receive a letter from a good friend today. He lives in the US. I will quote a part of what he wrote.

"We haven't heard much about the mass arrest of 10,000 people that occurred while I was in ########, except that it
occurred. I find this disturbing no matter what the true
circumstances: either we are overwhelmed with bona-fide terrorists
or the Bushies have taken a page from the Nazi's guidebook.

Reminds me that a few months ago I saw some 2nd level administration
official (assistant hack) on the tube reassuring us viewers that the
Patriot Act should be renewed and not to worry because this is the
good old USA and we would not be holding innocent persons
incommunicado or anything like that. (Oh no? how about Brandon
Mayfield, the Portland attorney who was held without charges,
incommunicado, for two weeks when he was falsely accused of being
connected with the train bombings in Spain. When he was finally
released, a court put him under a gag order forbidding him to talk
about it and the FBI commented that he was still under investigation
even though the Spanish had positively established that the
fingerprints that the FBI said were his actually belonged to an
Algerian terrorist who they arrested. Mayfield, is a convert to
Islam-making him a very suspicious guy.)