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Posted By: Peace
16-Apr-05 - 05:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: 10,000 arrested in US today
Subject: RE: BS: 10,000 arrested in US today

Given the number of 'arguments' (read fights) we have had in the past, I wish to say something that will shock you. I have the highest regard for your intelligence--for your ability to think.I have read lots of your sonnets, and I also appreciated your views on the asteroid and the potential difficulties in that area. I see that you are very human, very caring and that occasionally you keep that as a private part of your character. Cool by me.

To say again: you are very smart. I don't pretend to be as smart as you (OK, sometimes I pretend). I have nothing to gain by writing about something I can't prove. And specifically, I have nothing to gain by telling you any of the above. I simply want you to understand this from me. I do not care about Bush, Martin (PM of Canada), Blair, They are pawns; fronts. The world is on the verge of a very big sociological/demographic/economic change. These world leaders have very little power themselves. They do as they are told to do.

Let me ask you this. Do you truly think that Bush is smart enough to design those Ececutive Orders? In other words, do you really think 'someone' isn't pulling his strings? If it helps, I'll put it this way: All world leaders have their strings pulled by _______________. If we can fill in the blank with a proper noun, we will likely inhabit the same camp together. This ain't about Bush anymore. That has been a smokescreen. It has worked. Liberals, conservatives, democrats and republicans distrust each other. We have been divided. I wonder what comes next.

A good friend of mine said the following after gun registration was enacted in Canada: "What is the government going to do that I don't like?" Ask yourself the same question. One doesn't build prisons on the presumption that the crime rate will rise significantly. One builds prisons to keep people in. The question that begs is this: Why does the US government need enough 'jail' space for hundreds of thousands of people? Why?

If you visit a camp, please let me know what you find. I am going to do my best to visit one or two in this country. I will return the favour.