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Posted By: beardedbruce
16-Apr-05 - 05:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: 10,000 arrested in US today
Subject: RE: BS: 10,000 arrested in US today

For the same reason that people taking pictures of ANY secure facility are "threatened" - IT IS AGAINST THE LAW. Whether the camps SHOULD be secure is a matter for debate- but the fact is that there is a policy not to allow pictures of any secure facility, because it endangers the ability to HAVE a secure facility. Perhaps you think that we should publish the guard schedules at the various nuclear plants, so that you can know who is in the guard post at a given time?

We HAVE been attacked by terrorists: We may have thwarted additioanl attacks- it is NOT in the best interest of the people of this country to provide information to those trying to harm us as to how to do so better. I would hope that the means that protect us fron attack, or preparations to deal with those attacks, would be at least as protected as my personnal information and records- Are YOU willing to open all your records to the entire world? Bank accounts, health information, court records? I WANT to see some degree of limitation of information, especially that which directly affects my well-being.