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Posted By: chico
07-Apr-05 - 10:06 PM
Thread Name: Chico's Songbook of Lyrics & Chords LINK
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Chico's Songbook of Lyrics & Chords L

HOW DARE YOUR CRITICISE ME. . . no just kidding!

Seriously, all the criticism you have given me above is valid. The index generated is in Java and works only on Internet Explorer. This is bad for the long term, but I wanted to get things out.

I will try to find more compatible index to use so all browsers can see it.

About the different countries, you are right, the problem is I am an amateur and lack the experience the people on here have. you are right, and my classification is flawed, however just to explain why I assumed parting glass was irish because of the singers I've heard were all irish. I've never heard a scottish rendition.

About BILLY BARLOW, is it english? Didn't know that. . . However if we make all originally anglican songs that were adopted by the US "english", the US won't have many songs at all! (Compared to now). I found billy barlow in an "Songs of America" type songbook (i think its at ?) so I declared it adopted.

Technically Hispania is the latin/roman name for the iberian peninsula. So it would include the entire peninsula south of the pyrenees (sp?). Portugese didn't develop seperately until much later as vulgar latin devolved into provincial tongues. Am I right?

But yeah I welcome all criticism and comments on the placement of songs. I will listen in this thread and fix it for the next version.