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Posted By: LilyFestre
03-Apr-05 - 04:56 PM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
There are 6 cats who live together in a house that they are nice enough to share with us, the 9 dogs and 25 chickens!

Festre is the oldest...gray tiger kitty who really is KING OF THE HOUSE! He is moody, bitchy, vocal and does NOT like Goose the cat.

Daphne is Festre's wife. She is also a gray tiger kitty with white eyeliner surrounding her eyes. She is THE softest cat and has the most wonderful purr. She also has an Elvis sneer lip.

Normie is the youngest male cat. He is a yellow tiger kitty, son of Daphne and a white stray cat (Festre was NOT impressed with this...he snubbed Daphne for nearly a year!). Normie loves to snuggle with me, and ALWAYS has to be the nearest critter to my chin. If one of the other cats is sitting with me, Normie will walk over them (if not pushing them out of the way) to snuggle the closest to Mama's face. Normie also has the uncanny ability to wait until I am out of the shower and brushing my teeth before knocking on the bathroom door and demanding LOUDLY that the door be OPENED IMMEDIATELY if he has to wait for more than 10 seconds.

Goose is also a gray tiger kitty, son of Daphne and brother to Normie. Goose is GORGEOUS but none of the other cats like him. He is a bully....especially to our youngest and newest kitten. Festre enjoys sneaking up on Goose and screaming loudly at him while they chase each other up the stairs. Goose is a Mama's boy and will sit with me for hours and purr and purr and is his only saving grace.

Ellie is Mama's girl all over the place. She is a black cat who dislikes all manner of men. There was a time when I used to commute to college, stay at an apartment during the week and then come home on the weekends to my husband. Ellie travelled with me every week, sitting on my left shoulder as I drove. Given the chance to sneak into our bedroom, she will wake me up with lick of the eyeballs or a nibble on my nose. She once bit the part of my nose nearest my eyes....I do not know how I did not kill her...YOUCH!

Then, finally, there is Millie. Veronica found her on the back deck last summer. She was SO tiny and smelled to high heavens of skunk. There was NO way we could turn her away. She is a tiny gray tiger kitten with HUGE eyes and she frequently looks stoned. She is her Papa's girl....big old Grizzly Adams type falls asleep in his chair each night with his arm wrapped around Little Miss Millie...priceless!

I love my kitties and every single one of their little purrrrrsonalities!!!!!!