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Posted By: GUEST,The Shambles
29-Mar-05 - 07:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
Subject: RE: BS: Censorship on Mudcat
None of this has anything to do with it. I am just trying to understand what the problem is with your failure to acknowledge what is being said.   I think perhaps the answer is quite simple....You refuse to do so.

I do repond to most posts made on the subject. I remain open to persuasion and demonstration that the facts are not as I state.

I do refuse to respond in kind or at all to abusive personal attacks. And this thread (and others) will show that I have not chosen to respond in kind to your abusive personal attacks upon me. It will also demonstrate to you - (who unlike many others - seem to find this impossible) - how perfectly easy it is to ignore all obvious provocation.

Others can judge - but what you have posted to me are abusive personal attacks and (mistaken) personal judgements. Although not I suspect posted really for MY attention but for the benefit of the rest of your posse members and the watching crowd. You should not be too surprised if I treat these abusive personal attacks (which you and some of your fellow posse members largely encourage by setting this example) in the same way as I treat the rest......

It has rather a lot to do with the fact that when you (and the other members of your posse) post only to make your uneeded and unrequested judgements on the worth of other posters - as in this case - you will usually be wrong. As all this judgement, division and personal abusive attacks from the favoured few - is NOT the object of our public discussion forum.   

You will also inhibit other posters and risk causing real pain - in an exercise that you seem to see as re-enforcing the bonds that hold your posse members together - i.e' the exclusion and riducule of those who do not think like 'we' do.

The answer to this for you - is simple. If you do not like or accept the fact that the public are invited to have their say and agree or not - or that they may choose and are entitled not to agree with you - perhaps you and those that find this discussion and open debate a problem - can find somewhere else where you can sit and judge each other's worth and abusive each other - until your heart's content?

Many post to say many different things - what I choose to respond to - and in what fashion remains a matter for me. As what you or any other poster may post to say is a matter for you. And that really is the answer to your problem. If don't like my view - fine. No one is forcing you to ever open this thread (or any thread) - or to discuss this subject ever again.   

My view is simple and is evidenced - that the 'spin' of what censorship here is being defended by - is not the reality of what is actually happening. Whether there is anything 'sinister' in this - is a matter for you to judge. But as this censorship it is not open, fair or have any clear objective - the motives of it will always be all open to question - until it is open, fair and has a clear objective.

The one certainty is that - whatever other damage has been done and is being done to our forum - all this retrospective editing and imposed judgement has not prevented abusive personal attacks from being mounted. Especially when the example is set by our volunteers indulging themselves in mounting these, inciting others to do so and encouraging the idea that there is something amusing in this. And still attempting to maintain some moral high-ground.

I have no real idea why this thread on this subject is thought by some to be any worse than one with 10,000 post saying nothing - or any on the many other strange subjects that threads are about - but if YOU don't POST to any thread - It will die (eventually).

Any thread that YOU don't decide to open IS EFFECTIVLY ClOSED...........