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Posted By: Dave'sWife
14-Mar-05 - 09:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: the people who make the corned beef
Subject: RE: BS: the people who make the corned beef
Ron.. you ARE right.. a good brisket is wonderful when prepared properly. I still won't make on March 17th just because that's what people expect of me due to my Heritage. I plan to buy one tomorrow, however and begin marinating it. I hope to find one that's not already polluted with somebody else's idea of marinade and spices. That's getting more difficult these days since it's hard to find a free-standing Butcher shop or a Grocery with a Butcher on duty.

Layah..don't sweat it so much! I only said "somehwat offended'..not 'massively offended'!! hehe. Besides, the whole discussion prompted me to post my Porter Cake recipe. Incidentally, my version is adapted for an American palette and in consideration of what Americans can usually find at the grocery. The Irish version calls for a couple of types of candied peels and sometimes Citron (the yucky green things in fruitcake0. I substituted grated peel & dried fruits: cherry & Cranberry, but you can use dried blueberries or Apricots if you wish, or even dried plums (AKA Prunes). You can even add Cinnamon and/or Allspice if you wish but I prefer plain old Ginger.

Incidentally, the Neighborhood where my Dad was Born in the Bronx was historically an Irish/Jewish ghetto. Lots of inter-marriage too as well as co-mingling of cuisines. Why, just this afternoon between posts here, I made something I call Blueberry Cheese-cups which is really just a Jewish Cheese Blintz recipe made in cupcake form. Got that recipe from my Irish Grandmother who got it from a Jewish Neighbor. ( I also ironed a lot of shirts!)

Once upon a time about five years ago, I had a contract to write an Irish-American Cookbook from a ethnographic point of view, with stories of the cross-pollination of Irish American Cuisine with that of other Immigrant Groups. I amassed stories, recipes, references and photos only to see the Publisher falter and go bankrupt. Now here I sit upon a mountain of data and recipes and my Agent has had no luck selling it elsewhere. Such is life.

Makes me feel like making a cake! ( but not ironing any more shirts!)