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Posted By: Dave'sWife
14-Mar-05 - 03:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: the people who make the corned beef
Subject: RE: BS: the people who make the corned beef
Layah.... I'm from NYC and I'm married to an American of Protestant persuasion..believe me..if I avoided everyone who repeated something offensive about the Irish..I'd have few people other than my own large family to talk to.

Keep in mind that the very statements you repeated are the very ones used to justify the typical prejudices. "I read in a book that... etc etc " is often quoted to me by my very Anti-Irish inlaws! I actually edited out of my posts several very nasty experiences of my own having to do with the "Irish Drunk" assumption because I didn't want to start a flame war. I'm very sure you DID see those statements in a book just as I am sure there are books which people still quote to justify their beliefs that blacks are violent by nature or that Italians are predisposed to criminality or that Jews are secretly running the world. Doesn't make any of those things true, but there you are. As I said, it's not be avoided and at this time of year, people seem to feel its OK to trot out such things about the Irish.

The fact that it made such a ludicrous statement that there was no Irish Cuisine (whilst we are all talking about the length and breadth of Irish Cuisine!) in the new world should be a big clue that it's nonsense. Trust me dear, no matter what some alleged Scholar from the past wishes you to believe, We DO have a Cuisine of our own here in the New World just as our Great Grandparents did back in Ireland. In fact, I've heard rumours that the Irish in Ireland STILL have a cuisine of their own..hehehe.

As for was not very long ago that to be Irish in NYC meant you could not work. My own Grandfather could not find work in the 1918. he changed the sopelling and pronunciation of his last name to one that appeared to be German and BANG..he was employed..just like that. of course... he had to change it back again in the mid 1930s,m having not dorseen that to be German would eventually become a rock round his neck...hehe. His bad choice, huh?

Even in the 1980's, I experienced some odd sentiments when I was working in NYC. Hard to believe I know, but it was true! I was shocked to be quizzed about my ethnicity, which was illegal, during an interview. But, what was I to do? I needed the job. When I was asked if my name was German..I remembered Grandpa and said, "I believe so!" hired n the spot. I left after 8 months because I didn't like the whole Uber-WASP vibe I got whenever I asked for an hour to go to Mass on Holy days. I was catholic then.

Oddly enough, my boss saw me with a bunch of my Irish relatives outside of work one day(acting, I suppose "too Irish' or something ??? beats me!) and quizzed me about the next day. He, "Your DAD is German then?" I took the hint and got me a new job. Who knows what his beef was?? I surely don't! Maybe some redheaded Colleen dumped him in Grade School. Beats me. All I know was there were two things he didn't want in an employee: Irish & Catholic. I was both. I left. Oh, now that I recall, he didn't hire Jews or Blacks either. What an idiot, eh?

To this day I find that episode more amusing than offputting. It's the nonsense my inlaws shovel in my direction that gets to me. To describe it is painful so I won't. I'll just say this, My huaband is the sweetest Protestant boy my family ever met and he's greatly loved in their homes. Too bad it doesn't flow in both directions. Such is life.

So, forget about everything you've read and have some Porter Cake on the 17th! Or better yet PM me and I'll inundate you with proof positive we have a Cuisine of our own! You'll have so many recipes on hand, you'll wish every day was St. Patrick's day! On the 17th, at least in America, everyone is Irish!